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Filter CartridgesBrandQuantityPrice
Clean and Clear 75Pentair75 Sq Ft$55.00Pentair, Star Clear, Hayward Pool Filters
Clean and Clear 100Pentair100 Sq Ft$65.00
Clean and Clear 150Pentair150 Sq Ft$85.00
Hayward CX750-REStar Clear75 Sq Ft$48.00
Hayward CX900-REStar Clear90 Sq Ft$60.00
Hayward CX1100-REStar Clear110 Sq Ft$70.00
Hayward CX1200-REStar Clear120 Sq Ft$60.00
Hayward CX1750-REStar Clear175 Sq Ft$110.00
Sta-Rite PLM 100System 2100 Sq Ft$135.00
Sta-Rite PLM 150System 2150 Sq Ft$190.00




Pool FiltersBrandPrice
Clean and Clear 75Pentair$245.00 EachClean And Clear Pool Filter
Clean and Clear 100Pentair$310.00 Each
Clean and Clear 150Pentair$400.00 Each
Hayward Star Clear+ 75Star Clear$211.00 EachHayward Star-Clear Plus 75 Pool Filter
Hayward Star Clear+ 900Star Clear$284.00 Each
Hayward Star Clear + 1200Star Clear$340.00 Each
Hayward Star Clear +1750Star Clear$400.00 Each
StaRite System 2 100System 2$360.00 EachStaRite System 2 Pool Filter
StaRite System 2 150System 2$430.00 Each
Pro-Grid 24Hayward$471.49 EachStaRite System 2 Pool Filter
Pro-Grid 36Hayward$575.00 Each
Pro-Grid 48Hayward$680.00 EachStaRite System 2 Pool Filter
Pro-Grid 60Hayward$680.00 Each
Pro-Grid 72Hayward$816.99 EachStaRite System 2 Pool Filter
FNS Plus D.E 24Pentair Call For Price
FNS Plus D.E 36Pentair$575.00 EachStaRite System 2 Pool Filter
FNS Plus D.E 48Pentair $680.00 Each
FNS Plus D.E 60Pentair720.00 Each
12″ grid for 24 sf D.EUniversal$15.00 EachStaRite System 2 Pool Filter
18″ grid for 36 sf D.EUniversal$18.00 Each
24″ grid for 48 sf D.EUniversal$20.00 Each
30″ grid for 60 sf D.EUniversal$28.00 Each
36″ grid for 72 sf D.EUniversal$36.00 Each

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